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Have you ever had a dream or goal that you’ve always wanted to accomplish? 

This retreat is meant to help overcome any mental obstacles by clearing your mind with healthful sound meditation, yoga, and most importantly nature. Transform those “What ifs” into a reality that will bring you one step closer towards fulfilling your dream.

About the instructor: 

Brian Eubanks is a seasoned developer, technical trainer, author, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has been classically trained since elementary school. He has led seminars and workshops since the late 90s. Brian uses sound and music as a wellness practice, and his passion is to explore, and share, ancient and modern technologies that enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Working alongside the Casa Om staff, Brian will be leading this sound retreat. This will include two yoga sessions led by the Casa Om Staff. You and a select group of fellow travelers will work together as a team, taking an otherworldly journey deep underground in an ancient cave. Here, we'll do silent meditation, sound baths, humming, drumming, toning, chanting, and voice work. This meaningful retreat has a purpose to help you break through resistance, and create a state of mind where you can more easily achieve your goals. 

See you on the other side! Namaste